Monday, May 24, 2021

Wally's Water Wisdom - Summer Gardening Tips

Hi friends! Wally here with some tips and tricks to help your garden thrive in the upcoming summer heat! Though summer does not technically begin until June 20th this year, California’s warm climate persists year-round, so it doesn’t hurt to get a head start!

First, clear out your garden of any dead plants to make room for new ones! California natives such as poppies, lavender and sage are some of my personal favorites.

Next, use compost to revive your soil. Compost can be easily made at home using items such as leaves, grass clippings, fruit/vegetable scraps, dried twigs, and shredded newspaper. After letting your compost sit for 3-6 days, it’s ready to use! Spread a layer of compost over your soil and mix it in. Your plants will thank you!  

Once you’ve planted the flowers of your choosing, make sure to refer to your city’s local watering schedule to keep them healthy. Remember: the best times to water your lawn are in the morning before the sun rises or at night after the sun sets! Especially during these historically dry times, using water wisely is always imperative.

I’d love to see your water-wise garden, so feel free to send my friends at IEUA some pictures to their social media channels @IEUAWater!

That’s all I have for today friends! I’ll see you all soon with my next drop of water wisdom!

Your friend,


Monday, March 22, 2021

Wally's Water Wisdom - World Water Day

Hello again, friends! The month of March is full of exciting dates. There’s Groundwater Awareness Week, Fix a Leak week, the first day of spring and more! One of my favorites though, is World Water Day celebrated every year on March 22. (That’s today!)

What’s World Water Day? I’m glad you asked! World Water Day is all about celebrating the importance of water in our homes, families, cultures, wellbeing, and environment and raising awareness of water-use efficiency practices.

Can you imagine what our world would be like without water? By making sure we are using water wisely, we can ensure a reliable water supply for ourselves and future generations. Implementing water-wise techniques is as simple as turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, taking 5-minute showers, regularly checking your home for leaks, and even cleaning off your driveway with a broom instead of a hose.

I am especially fond of this year’s World Water Day theme – What does water mean to you? To me, water means a healthy mind, body and environment, but it also means I get the opportunity to share my water wisdom with all of you! Leave a comment letting me know what water means to you and how you plan to celebrate World Water Day this year, and check out IEUA's social media, @IEUAWater, to see what water means to a few of IEUA's employees and students!

That’s all I have for today friends! I’ll see you all soon with my next drop of water wisdom.

Your friend,


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Wally's Water Wisdom - Water Scout Badge Program

Hi friends! I’m here to share some exciting news on behalf of Owlie the Owl over at the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park. For the past couple of months, Owlie and our friends at IEUA have teamed up to bring Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts our very first badge program!

The Water Scout Badge Program is a great way to learn about our water resources, water conservation methods, environmental stewardship, native plants, and the history of the region. It even takes you on a scavenger hunt through the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park. The most exciting part of the program is that each scout gets their very own Water Scout badge upon completion!

I’m sure by now you’re eager to learn how to get started. To take advantage of the program, download the Water Scout Workbook from IEUA’s website. Be sure to check out the other programs offered through Owlie’s Virtual Adventures, too such as my Water Conservation Camp or the At-Home Activity guide.

Happy scouting, friends! I’ll see you all soon with my next drop of water wisdom!

Your friend,


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Wally's Water Wisdom - Water-Wise Tips for the New Year

Hi friends! Since 2020 has come to an end, I’m back with a few more easy, water-wise tips to add to your New Year’s Resolutions!

Tip 1: The winter and spring seasons typically mean a little more rain, which is great news for your garden! Give your sprinklers a break (and save some water while you’re at it) by making sure to turn them off for at least 48 hours after rainfall.

Tip 2: While we’re on the topic of watering our lawns, when there’s no rain to do our sprinkler’s jobs, make sure you are watering early in the morning before the sun comes up or at night after the sun goes down. Not only will this decrease evaporation, your garden will flourish from all the water it's able to soak in! Be sure to also check your city’s recommended watering schedule as lawns usually need less water during the cooler months.

Tip 3: Save yourself the hassle of doing dishes or laundry multiple times a week by only running full loads of dishes in the dishwasher and full loads of laundry in the clothes washer. (Pro Tip: When using a clothes washer, pay attention to the temperature of your water. Using colder water can save energy!) 

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all a wonderful, water-wise 2021 and I’ll see you soon for my next drop of water wisdom.

Your friend,


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Wally's Water Wisdom - FOG

 Hi friends!

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be celebrating with good food and lots of it…which means it’s time for my seasonal reminder! Eating all that food is the easy part, but do you know what to do with any leftovers?

Typically, holiday meals have one thing in common- FOG! No, not the thick layer of mist you see in the morning! FOG stands for fats, oils and greases and, as it accumulates and cools in pipes, restricts water flow resulting in potential sewer blockages and overflows for you and your community.

Luckily, preventing FOG clogs is easy as pie! (Pun intended.) Dispose of any leftover food scraps in the trash, collect and cool large amounts of FOG before throwing it away and use a paper towel to wipe any remaining FOG from your plate or pan.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, we can all do our part to ensure a FOG-free holiday for ourselves and our neighbors!

Stay safe, everyone and I’ll see you again soon with my next drop of water wisdom.

Your friend,


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Wally's Water Wisdom - Water Conservation Tips

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a few of my favorite water conservation tips, so I figured this week I would drop some literal water wisdom.

Did you know that approximately 97 percent of the earth’s water is in the oceans and only 3 percent of earth’s water is freshwater? However, almost all of the earth’s freshwater is trapped in ice caps, making only 1 percent accessible to us. That means only 1 percent of all of the freshwater on earth is available for brushing our teeth, washing our hands, drinking and more! So, how do we make sure we get the most use out of that 1 percent? That’s where I’m here to help!

Aside from turning off the sink when brushing your teeth and limiting your shower time to 5 minutes or fewer, here are a few of my favorite water-saving tips to make sure you’re using your portion of that 1 percent effectively:

  1. While waiting for your shower water to
    warm up, collect cold water and reuse it to water your plants.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables in a pot of water.
  3. Designate one glass or bottle to drink water out of each day.
  4. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your sidewalk and driveway.
  5. Give your pet a bath outside on a patch of grass that could use some water.

Be sure to let me know if you try any of these tips out, and feel free to comment tips of your own! We can all do our part to contribute to a water-wise world.

That’s all I have for today, friends! I’ll see you all soon for my next drop of water wisdom.

Your friend,


Monday, September 28, 2020

Wally's Water Wisdom - Water Professionals Appreciation Week


Hi friends! Mark your calendars! The fourth annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week is coming up! Water Professionals Appreciation Week is celebrated the first full week of October and highlights the important role water industry professionals and water agencies play in providing a safe, reliable source of water to our communities.

The state of California employs roughly 60,000 water professionals. But what exactly is a water professional? Great question! Water professionals can be wastewater treatment operators, sewer system collectors, maintenance technicians, and more! However, not all water professionals work directly with water. Some work behind the scenes in engineering, administration, finance and education, helping others understand the importance of water conservation and water-use efficiency. 

Water is our most precious natural resource and without water professionals we would not have access to clean water. So, next time you take a sip of water or water your lawn, make sure to thank the hard work of California’s water professionals!

That’s all I have for today friends! I’ll see you all soon with my next drop of water wisdom!

Your friend,


P.S. check out my Water Conservation Camp booklet to read about two of IEUA’s own water professionals and why they love what they do!