Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Beneficial Environmental Programs

Beneficial Environmental Programs

Did you know that students who are involved in an environmental education program are more likely to succeed academically? According to the analysis done by Stanford University, K-12 students who are exposed to environmental education programs can obtain a wide variety of skills, including civic responsibility and engagement. Check out the full article below to learn more! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Garden In Every SchoolⓇ- Rolling Ridge Elementary Video

Garden In Every SchoolⓇ

Congratulations to Rolling Ridge on your beautiful new garden! Take a look at what their water-wise garden looks like below! Do you want your school to be a part of this amazing program? Check out our page at for more details and information!

🌷Happy Planting!🌷

Monday, September 11, 2017

Rolling Ridge Garden Dedication 9-7-2017

 Garden Dedication

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, Rolling Ridge Elementary School, located in Chino Hills, hosted their garden dedication to honor the completion of their very own water-wise education garden.

Last year, Rolling Ridge Elementary submitted a garden grant application through the Garden in Every School® program. After reviewing their application and their garden design, they were selected to receive a garden grant of $4,500. This grant went toward the installation of a water-wise garden. The goal of the program is to educate students, and the community, on how to grow a sustainable garden while using natural and formidable resources.

Along with the dedication of the garden, there were a number of entertaining presentations from students from the Garden Club. The celebration included original songs and poems, a ventriloquist act, and performance of "What a Wonderful World". 

Rolling Ridge Garden Club Poster
Garden Club 1st graders singing
"What a Wonderful World".
IEUA Board President Steve Elie presenting a 
certificate of recognition to Mrs. Colby.

Garden Gnome.
Beautiful garden bed.

Tomatoes and basil.
Peppers and more tomatoes.

On behalf of the Inland Empire Utilities Agency Board of Directors and the city of Chino Hills, congratulations to Rolling Ridge Elementary on your beautiful garden and bringing an outdoor classroom to life!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wally Water Wisdom- Water Discovery Program 17-18 School Year

Wally Water Wisdom

Hello again friends!

It's that time of year again! Schedule a Water Discovery Program Field Trip through the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park today! Through this program, students are exposed to an actual Wetlands environment, and provided with hands-on educational activities about water conservation. This program was developed to educate and equip students with all of the resources and knowledge they need to become environmental protection stewards. In addition, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) offers Busing Mini- Grants for schools that qualify and organizations for transportation funding to and from the Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park. For more information, or if your school or class would like to participate in a Water Discovery Field Trip, contact Katie at
Observation Tower along the Nature Walk
Water Cycle Bracelet Activity
Enviroscape Activity
Hamburger Model Activity

Check out some of the activities below, and for more check out